Common Inquiries

How will I know it is time? 

This is often the most difficult question we help answer. Please know that it is better to euthanize 2 weeks too early than a moment too late. If you know it is getting close, we can discuss quality of life scoring and pain medication, but I would love to plan ahead and say goodbye on a great day!

Should my children be present? 

This is a personal choice, but my usual answer is absolutely! They may surprise you with their level of understanding and awareness.  It can help with the grieving process to be fully involved and present when saying goodbye.

Should my other pets be present? 

If your other pets can be present without distracting from your ailing one, it is an important moment to share with them. If they may be too energetic or demanding, I recommend keeping them separate for the appointment but will give you time after for them to say goodbye without a stranger in the home.  Pets can feel lost if one suddenly leaves, and having this opportunity for closure is one of the many benefits of in-home euthanasia.

What are your Covid protocols? 

Thank you for trusting me to come into your home at such a vulnerable time. I am fully vaccinated and monitor myself continuously to ensure your safety. I know it would be difficult to cry into a mask, so I do not require you to wear one. Please let me know if you would like me to wear a mask, or other precautions that will help you feel safe, and I will happily comply. If you have recently been feverish, sick, or tested positive, please let me know.

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